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Maximising biodiversity with regenerative grazing

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Solar-powered trackers help growers more efficiently manage their herd location

Spotted: Two areas of focus in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ (FAO) Strategic Framework 2022-31 are better production and a better global environment. Better production is made possible by “sustainable consumption and production patterns, through efficient and inclusive food and agriculture supply chains at local, regional, and global level.” A better environment is possible “through more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agrifood systems.”  

UK agritech company Pastoral AI is helping growers work more sustainably, and thereby contribute to both goals, by digitising the management of regenerative grazing. Solar-powered GPS sensors track the location of a herd in real time, and that information enables farmers to carefully manage grazing patterns. 

By knowing exactly which portions of a field a herd has spent time in, farmers and their teams can more accurately track the amount of pasture available for the animals to eat and plan when and where to move the animals next. The trackers also alert farmers to potential health concerns, allowing for much earlier detection and treatment of illnesses.  

The trackers have a one-year-long battery life when topped up by sunlight, and the devices are lightweight and easy to install on halters and harnesses. They also work for up to 50 days indoors without solar power and can be used for various animals, including cattle, goats, and sheep.  

Pastoral AI estimates that precision regenerative farming techniques can lower a grower’s carbon footprint by up to 66 per cent and sequester anywhere from two to seven metric tonnes of carbon each year. And by avoiding overgrazing, farmers can more quickly build healthy soil throughout their property. After the initial purchase, growers pay either $3 (around €2.79) monthly or a $28.80 (around €26.81) annual network fee for every device. Pastoral AI recently expanded into North America after successful projects in Europe and Asia.  

From payment for carbon sequestration to access to global markets, innovations in Springwise’s database show some of the many ways in which regenerative agriculture is being supported around the world.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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