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A modular energy storage system made from recycled lithium-ion batteries 

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A startup has created a technology that stores 100 per cent clean energy using circular economy principles

Spotted: Right now, an estimated 770 million people are living without electricity. And while climate change makes the conversion to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar a necessity, the variability of these sources complicates things. Thankfully, London-based renewable energy engineering startup ALP Technologies has found a way to tackle this issue. The company’s innovation, called the M-BRIC, is a modular battery system that will be easy to implement for those currently without electricity.

Video source ALP technologies

The modular system helps to make inconsistent, clean energy sources reliable. To do this, it harnesses an optimised in-built AI system that can charge and discharge currents with various voltage parameters. What sets the M-BRIC apart, however, is that it can use both new and recycled batteries. And because the system can utilise almost any lithium-ion cell, ALP predicts that it will have a cost advantage of almost 40 per cent over existing alternatives. 

With the M-BRIC, ALP aims to ‘leapfrog’ fossil-fuel-based energy infrastructure in lower-income nations, using local circular economy principles. By utilising the M-BRIC, the company will be able to provide mini-grids and standalone energy sources to the locations and communities that need them most. 

Currently, the M-BRIC has both live and upcoming case studies in London, Boston, and Lincolnshire.

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Written By: Georgia King




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