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A digital SaaS platform helping energy retailers make use of their data

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The platform helps utilities make the transition to clean energy

Spotted: The acceleration to clean energy is being driven, in part, by data – huge volumes of information harvested from smart meters, IoT devices, electric vehicle chargers, solar panels, and more. Using this data could allow companies to deliver energy much more efficiently and sustainably, for example, by regulating energy flows more precisely. To help with this, Energyworx has developed a cloud-based energy data management platform that allows utility companies to monetise their huge volumes of data. 

The Energyworx platform has been designed to manage and analyse data from virtually any source and apply an extensive set of validation, estimation, and editing models. Integrated in the platform are a number of business applications, including cloud meter data management and cloud load forecasting. There is also a search functionality that allows users to gain access to data on a granular level, as well as smart data tagging and other features for contextual insight.   

According to the company, all of this data crunching is designed to aid in the transition to clean energy by helping companies use their data more efficiently. The software-as-a-service is designed to act as ‘the digital backbone for energy companies’. Energyworx’s underlying cloud architecture also allows virtually limitless scaling. 

Other innovations, spotted by Springwise, that use data to improve efficiency include a data platform optimising agricultural water use, AI that helps to decarbonise energy-intensive industries, and AI that identifies energy-inefficient homes.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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