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End-to-end solar solutions for enterprises in Africa

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A startup provides financing and installation support for businesses wanting to switch to solar

Spotted: According to a recent study, an estimated 76 per cent of all electricity required across Africa could feasibly come from renewable resources by 2040, if all green energy plants work at capacity and all planned sites are completed. The price of solar power is falling, but up-front installation costs can often still be too expensive for smaller organisations. Now, Nigeria’s Earthbond is making sure that solar energy is as accessible as possible with its one-stop-shop resources.

Earthbond provides businesses with everything from a free quote on usage and costs to installation, maintenance support, and financing support. Available solar power systems range from 3.5 to 100 kilo-volt-amperes, making Earthbond’s systems usable for businesses of all sizes. 

By sharing their location and the current volume of electricity usage with Earthbond, businesses may be able to join in with other local enterprises for collective cost and volume quotes. Earthbond’s free energy audit identifies areas in which businesses can make savings, and by working with others in the community, it can help to bring overall costs down for everyone in the group.

Businesses pay for their system and usage based on their size. Each solar energy system supported by Earthbond includes panels, battery systems, and an inverter and the company offers expert installation so that systems can be up and running in a matter of weeks. The bespoke financing options, where Earthbond connects businesses to one of its financing partners, help to reduce upfront costs and make the transition to clean power as accessible and seamless as possible.

Making renewable energy more accessible through decentralised, local-scale solutions is becoming more common, with innovations in Springwise’s library including using bitcoin mining to support local electricity grids and modular clean energy and water systems that run on IoT technology.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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