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Tailored solar solutions for businesses in Africa


A financer is helping companies transition from more expensive grid energy to bespoke solar systems

Spotted: Africa, which has many regions that are bathed in reliable sunlight, would seem like an excellent place for solar power. Yet, the World Bank estimates that Africa’s installed solar energy capacity is half that of the UK. One reason for this is a lack of funding for solar projects in Africa, and this funding gap is what GridX Africa was founded to address.

Founded as an alternative, and lower-cost, option to state-owned power supplies, GridX Africa develops and finances bespoke solar and renewable energy solutions for commercial and industrial companies across Africa. The company designs off-grid solar energy systems for businesses and arranges funding, helping their clients reduce carbon emissions and operating costs while meeting their energy transition goals.

GridX works with a number of partners to supply funding and development resources for its projects, including Eden Renewables, the Pan African Capital Group, and the Pembani Remgro Infrastructure Fund.

Bringing solar power to businesses and homes in Africa is also the goal of innovators such as Noor Nation, which brings modular boxes that generate power and clean water for off-grid communities in Africa and UDUMA, which uses solar technology to deliver clean water to rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

Written By: Lisa Magloff




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