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Boosting solar power with sun-tracking panels

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How can this tech make the most of solar panels on commercial rooftops?

Spotted: Conventional fixed solar panels only receive maximal focus for around an hour each day when the sun is directly overhead, shining straight at the panel. This means that for the majority of sunlight hours, the panel is unable to make use of all the solar energy that’s available and doesn’t maximise energy generation. One company hoping to change that is US-based Point Load Power.

Specifically designed for large-scale commercial and industrial buildings, Point Load Power’s PV Booster is a tripod tracker attachment that allows the solar panel to tilt and follow the sun as it moves from east to west. This keeps the panel at an optimal 30-degree angle to the sun, allowing 70 per cent more energy to be generated over the course of a day. And unlike typical tracking technologies, which are only suitable for panels on the ground, PV Boosters are designed for rooftops, and are low and durable enough to withstand wind speeds of up to 110 miles per hour. The built-in Heliopoint software also means that any breaks or damages can be quickly flagged and repaired.

Because PV Boosters enable greater energy generation, the company claims that 35 per cent fewer panels are required. This makes the PV Booster an attractive investment for commercial real estate owners who haven’t yet capitalised on their rooftop potential, enabling them to increase the commercial viability and value of their rooftops by up to $10-$20 (around €9-18) per square foot.

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Written By: Archie Cox


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