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Because of its durability, INOCEL's fuel cell should also reduce operational costs | Photo source INOCEL

High-performance and compact hydrogen fuel cells

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The startup's improved hydrogen fuel cells will accelerate industrial companies’ transition to clean energy sources

Spotted: Our reliance on unclean energy sources has catapulted our planet out of stability and into an era of change. Across the globe, fossil fuel usage accounts for 65 per cent of the carbon emissions. But, as the French startup INOCEL aims to prove with its new high-performance hydrogen fuel cell, we can transition our fossil-fuel dependence onto cleaner energy sources.

Video source INOCEL

INOCEL’s very high-power PEMFC, or proton-exchange membrane fuel cell, betters the competition in a few ways. First and foremost, it is three times more powerful than others its size on the market. On top of that, the company claims the product has an energy efficiency level of 60 per cent and a durability performance that makes operating costs more attractive. Finally, its battery size and volume are smaller than other PEMFC fuel cells.

By focusing its applications on fuelling marine, ground transportation, high-performance cars, and stationary applications, INOCEL’s technology will hopefully enable the startup to have a visible impact on a scalable level.

The company will make its unrivalled hydrogen fuel cell available in a 300-kW format in 2024.

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Written By: Georgia King



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