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Smart meters are an important part of the transition to green energy | Photo source Landis+Gyr

'Bridge' devices connect hard-to-reach areas with smart meter infrastructure

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The devices will bring smart meter technology to one million more UK homes

Spotted: According to the UK Government, smart meters are underpinning the transition to green energy. They provide a number of important national-level benefits such as reducing the reliance of the power grid on imported fossil fuels. They also have numerous benefits for the consumers who use them, as they are only charged for the energy they actually consume.

However, between two and four per cent of UK properties cannot access existing smart meters. This affects customers such as those living in high-rise apartments that use meters that are difficult to access, or those whose meters are physically a long way from their home.

Now, energy management experts Landis+Gyr have announced an agreement with the UK’s Alternative Home Area Network Company (Alt HAN Co) that aims to extend smart metering technology to these hard-to-reach properties.

The partnership’s solution is to provide one million technology devices known as ‘bridges’. These are compatible with existing smart metering infrastructure and close the communications gap between the smart meter and a property.

“Hard-to-reach areas are a significant hurdle to the success of meeting full deployment of SMETS2 meters by 2025,” explains Simon Egan, Managing Director UK and Ireland at Landis+Gyr. “Our collaboration with Alt HAN Co is a prime example of key industry players working together to create a workable solution to meet customer needs and we are proud to have reached the next phase of this critical project.”

Smart meter technology is not limited to energy usage. For example, at Springwise, we have spotted a ‘Fitbit’ for water meters. There are also other ways that smart technology is transforming home energy consumption. Springwise has previously spotted a smart ventilation control system that reduces household bills.

Written by: Keely Khoury



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