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Providing financial support for farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture

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The practice improves crop yield and supports biodiversity and soil health

Spotted: If the world’s soils stored even 0.4 per cent more carbon every year, it could offset all human-related CO2 emissions. The best way to achieve that change is through regenerative agriculture, a natural way of growing that improves depleted soils, helps to store carbon, and supports biodiversity. 

Helping to make widespread regenerative agriculture a reality is German-based agtech company Climate Farmers. The organisation provides direct financial support to farmers based on how much carbon they sequester through improved growing and land management methods. Climate Farmers’ goal is to scale regenerative agriculture across Europe. Putting healthier growing practices into place results in higher yields, increased profits, and more water retained in the ground. 

The Climate Farmers team asks participating farmers to complete a detailed audit of their land and farming practices and then helps design new ways of working that suit each area. After one year, Climate Farmers assesses the amount of carbon sequestered and pays farmers based on that amount. Climate Farmers also provides participating farmers with access to a network of others working regeneratively, so that challenges and solutions can be shared across the region.  

Farmers that begin using regenerative growing methods may see increases in yield of up to 30 per cent during extreme weather and a 60 per cent growth in profits after six years. Regenerative agriculture is specific to the land, meaning that farmers use the methods that best suit their soil and crops. There is no one-size-fits-all best option.  

The company is currently working with growers in Portugal, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany and encourages anyone interested in learning more to get in touch. Companies can also buy carbon offsetting credits from Climate Farmers.  

Regenerative agriculture is so important in mitigating the potential for disastrous climate change that Springwise is spotting innovations in the archive that range from turning waste battery materials into fertiliser to an investment platform that pays farmers to sequester emissions.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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