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Software for more sustainable batteries

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A new battery design focusing on software is making batteries more efficient and longer-lasting

Spotted: Advancing battery technology is a main pillar of the transition to clean energy. But batteries themselves are not that ‘clean’. In order to make the move to net zero, batteries will need to be more efficient. A major step in this direction is now being taken by French startup Otonohm.

While other innovators are focusing on making changes to battery hardware, Otonohm is concentrating on the software – battery management systems (BMS). Its switched BMS technology allows manufacturers to remove the charger, converter and/or inverter on a drivechain or powerchain.

By paring down the battery, Otonohm’s switched BMS system offers big improvements in efficiency, battery lifespan, and reliability, which also translates into big carbon savings. The system can also monitor the state of charge of each cell in the battery, providing more available energy and a longer battery life, and allowing damaged cells to be disconnected without preventing the operation of the others. 

The company claims its system will work with almost any type of battery, and will provide 20 per cent more available energy over conventional batteries and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent.

Battery technology is taking off – and given its importance in renewable energy and net zero – even more will need to be done. Springwise has recently spotted a material recovered from seaweed that could boost the lifespan of electric vehicle (EV) batteries and a more environmentally-friendly process for recycling EV batteries.

Written By: Lisa Magloff




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