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AI predicts when and where power will be in demand

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The digital twin technology helps operators optimise grid management

Spotted: With analysis from McKinsey predicting that electricity demand across Europe will rise 1.1 per cent a year until 2050, grid operators are preparing for additional pressure and seeking tools to manage resources effectively.  

Endre Tech, a Swedish company with funding from Chalmers Ventures, has combined its data science expertise with AI to create software that can accurately predict energy demand.

Using third-party data and smart algorithms, the technology provides detailed projections of when and where electricity will be required. With this information, grid operators, green energy suppliers, and governments can better manage infrastructure and identify where investment is needed to create more resilient grids for the future.

Endre offers a range of services that are underpinned by AI digital twins, which give users the ability to simulate various scenarios to find the most effective and cost-efficient solution before they make a decision in real life. For instance, Endre’s software can be used to identify sites for potential EV charging stations and locations that are suited for solar power, helping planners accelerate the green transition in their area.

For longer-term insights, GridForecast also allows operators to access forecasts of future demand fluctuations and resource allocation needs, helping them optimise planning and reduce overall expansion costs.

Springwise has spotted other tools helping operators create a greener and more efficient energy grid, including superconducting power lines and a digital twin of the UK electricity grid.

Written By: Lauryn Berry and Matilda Cox




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