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Hooking up fishermen with solar freezers

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The pay-as-you-go solar-powered freezers prolong the shelf-life of fresh seafood affordably and reliably for fishermen in Africa

Spotted: Over 60,000 Kenyan fishermen make their living from the bounties of the sea, as well as 1.2 million people across the rest of the country’s fishing supply chain. Together, they haul an estimated 1.64 million tonnes of fresh fish a year. However, a significant portion of these catches go to waste, lost due to a lack of affordable and reliable cold storage facilities. Enter Kuza Freezer, a Kenyan company offering a practical solution.  

The startup has created solar-powered freezers that enable Kenyan fishermen to waste less food and increase profit. These devices have the capacity to store up to 150 kilogrammes and operate continuously when the battery is fully charged. Through this technological advancement, Kuza Freezers help fishermen extend the shelf-life of their catch to over 30 days, even in the most remote areas.  

On top of this, Kuza Freezer also addresses another crucial problem Kenyan fishermen face with cooling systems: affordability. Many small-scale fisheries lack the financial means to invest in or maintain cooling systems. With its pay-as-you-go approach, Kuza Freezer enables fishermen to use these freezers without any substantial upfront expenses. And, after a year of renting, they can own one themselves.  

Over the next five years, the company aims to expand its reach, benefiting at least 600 more fishermen and exploring new markets in fruit, vegetable, and milk vendors.  

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Written By: Georgia King




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