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Tailored home battery storage for power outages

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The system provides backup power in case of an emergency and also works with renewable energy sources

Spotted: It can be difficult to use electricity at the most cost-effective times because the efficiencies generally occur during the middle of the day or night – when most people are working, at school, or sleeping. Being able to store energy for off-grid use could help households save thousands on their annual bills. Energy company Haven is making this capability a reality with its home battery energy storage system. 

As extreme weather events become more common, having backup power is becoming more of an essential rather than a luxury. Haven’s home batteries work in the background, charging when electricity is at its lowest cost and then storing that energy for use when prices rise. As backup power generators, the batteries are set to run a certain number of appliances and devices, should the grid become unavailable. 

For an average household, a single home battery provides between 12 and 36 hours of power and can be used for any number of appliances – but according to Haven, most homeowners choose an ‘essential’ backup. For many people, the essentials include the refrigerator, lighting, and heating or cooling systems.

Part of Haven’s service includes support in configuring the app that helps monitor and run the battery, and installation by an electrician certified to work with the system. The battery’s power can be redirected or turned on at any point via the app, and appliances designated ‘essential’ can similarly be updated as and when needs change.  

Haven recently raised $4.2 million (around €3.8 million) in seed funding, which will be used to expand operations into Southern California.

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Written By: Keely Khoury



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