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Vehicle-mounted computer vision for grid monitoring

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The AI technology sends alerts when a potential hazard or defect is spotted by the mounted cameras

Spotted: Ageing grids are slowing down the global transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy. As well as expanding existing infrastructure, the effective management of existing grids – both new and old – will also be key to support the energy transition and meet electricity demand. One US startup is here to help.

Noteworthy AI is an infrastructure intelligence platform for grid operators that uses vehicle-mounted smart cameras to evaluate the condition of a utility’s assets. Called Noteworthy Inspect, the system is retrofitted onto company vehicles for faster and safer grid management. Traditionally, companies use manual inspections to gauge the strength and safety of equipment, meaning only about 10 per cent of a utility’s system gets surveyed every year – a figure Noteworthy hopes to drastically increase.

With Noteworthy Inspect, companies complete seasonal or annual evaluations of entire grids. As grid operators conduct daily business, the vehicle-mounted computer vision cameras gather data, geolocating every pole and capturing high-resolution imagery. The information gathered is saved in the cloud and made available for visual analysis by management teams.

Not only does the system increase the safety of workers, it also provides lighting audits, asset inventories and inspections, and vegetation growth analysis for all locations. The AI-powered review makes it possible for companies to complete preventative repairs and updates and reduce operating costs by up to 75 per cent. For every defect identified, the system sends automated, real-time alerts, making it easier to get teams to the correct location as quickly as possible.

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