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AgreenCulture’s CEOL agricultural robot uses AI to analyse its environment | Photo source Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Autonomous eco-farming robot makes agriculture smarter

Agriculture & Energy

The AI-powered machine uses satellite geo-location data to save resources, making farming more sustainable

Spotted: Margins in farming are always tight, and French company AgreenCulture’s “CEOL” agricultural robot gives farmers a hand in multiple ways. CEOL uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse its environment. This provides detailed information on everything from ground preparation and crop growth to precisely targeted fertiliser needs.

The results aim to help farmers efficiently incorporate eco-friendly approaches to their work. The robot weighs 500 kilograms and operates autonomously 24/7. It is equipped with a tank that holds seeds, water or fertiliser. 

CEOL is located and tracked through a combination of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and real-time kinematic (RTK) satellite positioning. RTK provides centimetre-level precision positioning to distribute seeds, fertiliser and pesticides with minimal waste. As an autonomous robot, CEOL also helps protect humans from the long-term health risks associated with extended exposure to pesticides and other chemicals.

AI ensures that the robot knows the difference between a weed and the crop. Moreover, it’s data-gathering capabilities identify objects and conditions such as the presence of pests, potential outbreaks of disease and early effects on the current climate. On-board sensors and a camera relay real-time updates back to the farmer.



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