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The aesthetically pleasing portable toilet is made out of recycled medical trays | Photo source

Plastic medical waste upcycled into 3D-printed portable toilet

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The simple design makes the toilet useful for refugee camps and disaster recovery zones

Spotted: With a seemingly unending supply of post consumer plastic to work with, designers are creating incredible new ways of making waste useful. and Spanish design studio Nagami recently built a portable toilet from recycled plastic medical trays. Dubbed The Throne, the new design replaces the traditional boxy shape with a sleek, tear-drop style that includes a sliding door.

Printed using a seven-axis robotic printer, the portable toilet is a proof of concept that the design team says could help provide better facilities for refugees in camps and survivors in natural disaster recovery zones. Because 3D printing results in a raised surface, the designers chose an off-the-shelf toilet in order to have a smooth seat and bowl surface. The toilet separates solid waste from liquids for composting, an additional benefit that could help in situations where access to energy and power is limited or erratic.

Currently being trialled on a construction site in Switzerland, the studio says the production price needs to drop in order to make local production of The Throne an easy option for communities.

A number of low-cost, yet more sustainable options for everyday life are being trialled in a variety of countries, with Springwise spotting a new cookstove design that reduces air pollution and improves community health by enclosing the flames, and bamboo sleepwear with integrated insect repellant.

Written by: Keely Khoury



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