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MVRD and StudioPOD collaborated on the One Green Mile project in Mumbai | Photo source Suleiman Merchant

Urban flyover converted into playful community gathering space

Architecture & Design

The development uses greenery and recreation to create an accessible new public destination

Spotted: Unlit, unused, dirty, and often unsafe locations are almost always easy to find in a city. Imagine, instead, how much beauty could be brought into the world if those underutilised spaces were multi-use community hubs. Mumbai architects StudioPOD, along with Dutch designers MVRDV, turned that idea into reality with the One Green Mile development directly below the Senapati Bapat Marg flyover in Mumbai.

The two studios were tasked with transforming 1,800 metres of the 11-kilometre-long space into a communal hub for recreation, meeting, reading, and performing. Now well lit, painted a bright white, and entwined with greenery, 3D shapes, and public art, the One Green Mile project provides a blueprint for making exceptional use of deserted urban areas.

Screens and archways of plants throughout the space help lower surrounding temperatures, reduce noise from traffic, and improve air quality for local residents. With bike paths, outdoor gyms, and places to gather and sit, the reinvigorated concrete barriers and roof have become a beautiful addition to the city, rather than an eyesore, bringing accessible fun into everyday urban living.

Developers are increasingly incorporating multi-use spaces into their plans, with Springwise spotting projects that range from entire neighbourhood updates to a garden footbridge that provides renewable energy and growing space for local restaurants.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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