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The face shield can be made out of literally anything | Photo source mmm Design

Face shield uses plastic rubbish for protection

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Korean design firm mmm studio has developed a 3D-printed face shield that can be made out of any type of plastic bag

Spotted: As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world, so too has the shortage of personal protective equipment. For both ordinary people and health workers, PPE like face shields and masks can make the difference between life and death. Designers and creatives have rushed to create innovative solutions. Now, Korean design firm mmm studio has developed a face shield that can be made out of literally anything — at least, any type of plastic bag.

Called the Anything face shield, the mask consists of a 3D-printed frame that resembles a pair of goggles. Clips on the top and bottom hold a sheet of plastic, which can be cut from any type of bag or packet made from transparent plastic, such as empty bags of pasta or sweets. The design of the frame allows the plastic shield to be replaced as often as necessary.

The World Health Organization has recently suggested that face masks and shields may have some benefit in preventing the spread of coronavirus. The WHO advises that any mask or shield should cover not only the wearer’s nose and mouth, but all the way back to the ears and below the chin. 

Pak Kitae, one of the creators of the shield, has said that the idea behind the creation of the shield was to make something that could be easily replaced. She said, “I heard about a lack of medical supplies and thought it would be helpful to have a face shield that can be easily printed and can also be easily replaced to prevent contamination.” 

Designers around the world have been unleashing their creativity in the pursuit of innovative solutions for PPE and other types of protective gear. At Springwise, we have recently covered ideas such as a hooded jumpsuit designed to protect against coronavirus and an inflatable face shield.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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