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The Nike virtual sofa | Photo source Crosby Studios

AR filter brings design studio’s virtual sofa into the home

Architecture & Design

Made from upcycled Nike puffer jackets, the bright green sofa can be tested in any living room

Moscow and New York City-based Crosby Studios have created a virtual sofa made out of digitally upcycled Nike puffer jackets. Bright green and featuring the Nike swoosh and Just Do It phrase across the piece, the sofa is available through a dedicated augmented reality Instagram filter. Designed to help make art accessible and available during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, the AR filter brings the sofa into your living space, providing a communal experience during global social isolation.

This sofa is studio founder Harry Nuriev’s second furniture design in connection to fashion. In 2019, in collaboration with Balenciaga, he created a see-through couch stuffed entirely with clothing that spanned a range of the fashion house’s collections.

From makeup to nature, augmented reality is helping locked down creatives have fun, experiment and learn from home. Springwise has spotted a makeup app that allows users to try on runway trends, and a nature-spotting app that provides monthly challenges and unlocks badges, all while contributing to a worldwide biodiversity database.

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