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| Photo source Danish Energy Agency

An artificial island designed to expand wind production

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Denmark is building the world’s first “energy island”, an artificial landmass designed to hold wind turbines that will produce enough energy to power three million European households

Spotted: The Danish Energy Agency has announced an ambitious project, which will see the world’s first “energy island” built in Denmark. The final result will be a 30-acre artificial island in the North Sea that will accommodate a huge expansion to current wind production. This energy hub will see the construction of the largest project in Danish history and may help prove the incredible potential of offshore wind farming,

The energy island will help further Denmark’s current lead on global wind energy usage and will be split 51-49 between the country and private companies. Initial plans show that the wind turbines will have a capacity of three gigawatts, which is equivalent to the amount of energy used by approximately three million households in Europe. Upon completion, further plans will be put in place to continue expanding the island, allowing it to create up to 10 to 12 gigawatts of energy.

Denmark’s energy island is planned for completion by 2033, which could allow the country to become a major supplier of renewable energy to other neighbouring countries.

Written By: Serafina Basciano



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