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ChopValue makes furniture and homeware out of discarded chopsticks | Photo source ChopValue

Disposable chopsticks turned into furniture and homeware 

Architecture & Design

One tabletop in the new collection uses more than 10,000 single-use bamboo chopsticks

Spotted: Nearly 80 million single-use chopsticks have been recycled into sturdy, beautiful pieces of furniture by Vancouver design company ChopValue. Taking used chopsticks that the company collects from Vancouver restaurants, the engineering and design team use a zero-waste, no chemical approach to their creations. Sterilisation occurs during the high-heat compression part of production, and a water-based resin coats the wood and makes it smooth to use.  

Available from the company’s online store and as bespoke pieces, the furniture and homewares can be engraved as well as built to order. Most of the chopsticks used are bamboo that has been grown in and shipped from China. ChopValue prefers to work with the wood because of its minimal water use and ability to grow in locations unsuitable for traditional agriculture.  

Overall, the company produces very little waste, simply reusing offcuts over and over again until the tiniest pieces are added to the Zero Waste table line. To further reduce air miles and encourage circularity in local economies, the company provides a franchise system for microfactories. There are already seven microfactories at work in countries around the globe, with a further four being built.

Furnishing a home with eco-friendly pieces is easier than ever, as the range of options expands. Springwise has spotted furniture made from salvaged cork and recycled Styrofoam. 

Written By: Keely Khoury



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