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The shield is made from a transparent plastic visor, supported by an inflatable PVC frame | Photo source MARGstudio

Inflatable face shield allows wearers to socialise safely

Architecture & Design

The design provides space for people to eat and drink, while still wearing a protective mask

Spotted: Italian architect and design studio MARGstudio has created a lightweight face shield designed specifically to allow people to socialise together. With normal social styles and rules being held at bay for an indefinite period of time, new PPE designs are providing solutions. Named Soffio, which means “blow” in English, the MARGstudio face shield allows wearers to sit near each other without the risk of infection.

Made from a transparent plastic visor supported by an inflatable PVC frame, the shield extends far enough from the face to allow for eating and drinking. It also leaves the ears uncovered, for normal hearing. Weighing very little, it should also remain comfortable over a period of several hours.

The designers envision groups using them when they meet up in restaurants and bars, helping reduce the need for social-distancing between individuals, without increasing the risk of infection. The cost of manufacture of each shield is less than €1, which the designers hope makes them attractive to businesses who could brand the shields and distribute them in-house.

Newly-designed aeroplane seats and protective clothing made from recycled plastic are two other innovations Springwise has spotted that are helping create long-term public health protection.

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