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The soap-filled paper pouches are made to resemble a milk carton | Photo source Akihiro Yoshi

Paper carton soap dispenser able to replace plastic bottles

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Nendo has designed a soap dispenser called Carton + Pump, which has a paper body that can be switched out once the contents are emptied

Spotted: As an alternative to single-use plastic bottles, Japanese design studio Nendo has unveiled a recyclable soap dispenser made of paper that can be switched out and replaced. This project aims to tackle both the environmental problems presented by plastic waste pollution and the potential hygiene issues that could arise from reusing plastic soap dispensers. The soap-filled paper pouches are made to resemble a milk carton and work with a reusable dispenser pump that is designed to prevent any product from going to waste.

When starting a new bottle of soap, the user simply has to turn the carton upside down and place it into a cap to stand upright, and on the other side, the sharp end of the dispenser pump pierces through it. The cap on both ends of the dispenser distributes the pressure of the pump, making it less likely for the carton to collapse and preventing it from getting soft and mouldy. Unlike many existing plastic soap dispensers, the shape of the Carton + Pump dispensers allow them to be stored easily.

Nendo plans to launch Carton + Pump by 2022 and they will come in two pump and container sizes that will hold 250 or 400 millilitres of liquid or foam soap.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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