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Prerequisites include considering how a modular and sustainable design fulfils the needs of a salesperson in today’s society. | Photo source Unsplash

Slovenian magazine hosts competition to find new proposals for sustainable street kiosks

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The competition seeks to rethink how kiosks can provide a modular and sustainable design that fulfills the needs of a salesperson in today’s society

Spotted: Slovenia’s Outsider magazine is organizing a competition to rethink Slovenia’s traditional street kiosks. The competition has invited innovators across all fields, from architecture to industrial designers, painters, sociologists, philosophers and students. The aim is to create sustainable concepts for a prototype kiosk measuring 2 square metres or larger.

Created in 2015, Outsider is an international Slovene and German quarterly magazine, focussing on “spatial” culture, built environment design and social issues. Previous competitions organised by Outsider include a 2019 contest to reimagine the ruins of an o salt-pan house at the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park in Slovenia and a competition earlier this year to create a 30 square metre dwelling using sustainable rammed-earth techniques.

The latest competition welcomes a wide range of street kiosk proposals. Kiosks can be designed for a variety of uses such as a sales area, mini-warehouse, or space for a cash register. Prerequisites include considering how a modular and sustainable design fulfils the needs of a salesperson in today’s society. Designs can include any type of materials as long as it is affordable and requires no sanitation. 

“The competition asks what is the purpose of the modern kiosk, and how it should be designed to meet the modern challenges of environmentally friendly and user-friendly design,” Architects Journal reported.  

Entries will be assessed on their purpose, relevance of solutions, versatility, and economy and sustainability. Submissions must include floor plans and all design specifics. 

The winners will receive €1,500, while second and third place recipients will be awarded €1,000 and €500 respectively. Three honourable mentions each worth €100 will also be awarded. The competition will be open for submissions until October 20.

Competitions like this one are taking place all over the world with the incentive of discovering and celebrating a new generation of designers who put sustainability and circularity at the core of their designs. At Springwise, we have spotted an increasing number of innovators embracing passive design and other sustainable construction techniques.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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