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Could art redefine our relationship with nature?

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A landscape artwork project will showcase how humans can reintegrate with the natural world

Spotted: Tackling global warming and restoring nature at scale requires new ways of thinking about our relationship with the planet and the other species we share it with. A landscape art project called Circle4Change is hoping to pave the path to a more sustainable future by using “radical imagination” to create a platform for innovation.

The project will create a walking and cycling route in the form of a circle that stretches for 3,000 kilometres through nine European countries. The creators will talk to residents and collect stories along the circle route, as well as initiate art and cultural projects that will demonstrate how to embrace a sustainable future where humans, nature, and technology live together in balance.

Circle4Change initiator and land artist Bruno Doedens described the project to Springwise as “a magnet to attract good examples” of how to achieve the Symbiocene, or period of re-integration between humans and the rest of nature. He added that it is “an optimistic long-term landscape artwork that aims to shift perspective [and] stimulate renewal, hope, and change.”

The project will be inaugurated in 2025, when Doedens and others will cycle the entire circumference of the circle over a six-month period. Along the way, they will engage with resident groups, young people, and local authorities to encourage them to participate through actions such as planting a tree to commemorate their birthday. By 2028, Circle4Change hopes to expand and connect villages and cities from all over Europe.

While Circle4Change is unique, Springwise has spotted other innovations that focus on using art to communicate powerful messages, including a creative expression platform for young people and a textile collection that aims to raise awareness of climate change.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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