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Dubbler in action | Photo source Vochlea

Music kit's advanced MIDI controller turns anyone into a vocalist

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A startup has developed software that can translate humming and other types of vocals into a tune

Spotted: Budding vocalists and music enthusiasts have a new tool at their disposal. The London-based startup, Vochlea Music, has developed a new real-time MIDI controller for vocals — the Dubbler Studio Kit. The kit allows users to set a synth pattern by humming, trigger a virtual drumkit by beatboxing, or manipulate effects and filters with a simple “hmmm” or “laaaa” sound — all in real-time — which goes straight into a digital audio workstation.

The kit includes desktop software that creates a virtual MIDI instrument and is compatible with any production software, along with a low latency custom USB microphone. It is designed to allow musicians to convert movements such as a hummed tune or finger tap into real music. 

The Dubbler software rapidly learns each musician’s voice, and then uses the vocalists own vocal style to trigger samples, control synths, manipulate filters and effects,

track pitch, pitch-bend and control envelopes, velocity and MIDI mapping value, all simultaneously. Vochlea launched a Kickstarter campaign in mid-2019, which ended up overfunded, and the company has also partnered with Abbey Road Red’s Incubation programme. The Dubbler Kit currently retails for £250.

Amateur vocalists, in particular, will find it easier to create music with Dubbler. George Wright, CEO and co-founder of Vochlea Music, explained to PSN Europe, that: “Dubler Studio Kit … speeds up the traditional music creation workflow by allowing the user to control and manipulate MIDI outputs through vocal inputs. This means you can lay down melodies, drum loops, effects tracks… whatever you want, directly from voice to DAW.”

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