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A behavioural cybersecurity technology platform

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A startup is targeting the cause of 95 per cent of data breaches – human behaviour

Cybersecurity in organisations is more crucial than ever, with 2021 seeing the highest number of cybercrimes to date, with 96 per cent of businesses targeted by phishing and 75 per cent by ransomware globally. It is estimated that 95 per cent of data breaches are caused by human error, but startup OutThink is seeking to change this. 

Created by chief information security officers (CISOs), OutThink targets cybercrime at the human level. By examining the behaviour of employees, OutThink states that it will “Measure human risk, from individual to company level”. The platform applies algorithms that utilise existing data from the specific company to measure real-life security behaviours by employees. This data is pulled from sources such as antivirus software, web filters, and email data loss prevention (DLP). 

OutThink’s platform offers users a breakdown of the organisation as a whole, then focuses on specific departments and identifies which groups are ignoring security policies and why. Finally, the software delivers companies with insights on individual high-risk employees and gives advice on how best to re-engage with them. After examining the company’s insights, OutThink can then provide manual targeted interventions that are unique to the organisation, as well as group-wide automation and real-time progress tracking. Instead of ineffective generic security awareness training, the platform offers personalised and targeted smart training based on specific employee needs and risk. This can be delivered via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

At the end of last year, OutThink raised €10 million in seed funding from investors such as Triple Point Venture and Innovate UK. This will allow the company to speed up the global distribution of its software.

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Written By: Matilda Cox




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