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Can this platform help make generative AI safer?

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The technology helps organisations using AI meet safety, regulatory, and compliance requirements

Spotted: There is currently much talk about the dangers of generative AI – from poor performance and unreliability to the risk of it going rogue and producing brand-damaging content. As regulatory initiatives gain momentum, businesses will need to not only monitor generative AI’s outputs, but also understand the safety checks and documentation required to use the tech.

Alinia AI is working to help organisations evaluate the performance and reliability of generative AI applications, from both safety and business perspectives. The company has developed the Alinia Alignment Platform, which provides an integrated AI governance approach that includes evaluation and real-time monitoring, as well as optimisation techniques and documentation features.

At its core, Alinia’s platform seeks to provide users with clear and accurate evidence of how AI-powered applications behave in different scenarios, for specific tasks, and under specific rules. This will allow users to meet compliance requirements for every stage of the AI lifecycle.

Alinia’s platform allows users to define the criteria on which their AI use cases should be aligned and assessed, and then measure the quality and performance of each use case against specified metrics. It can also optimise AI-powered applications based on performance evaluation results and provide evidence of alignment with ethical, organisational, and legal standards.

The company recently launched out of stealth with a €2.2 million pre-seed funding round led by Speedinvest and Precursor Ventures. The funding will be used to help Alinia grow its platform and customer base.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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