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A cybersecurity platform rapidly flags deepfakes

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The tech integrates with videoconferencing software, identity verification systems, and more

Spotted: The World Economic Forum has ranked disinformation as one of the top short-term risks in 2024, and recommends “shoring up individual and state resilience through digital literacy campaigns on misinformation and disinformation.” For businesses, it is essential to address the threat quickly and at scale.

Israeli cybersecurity platform Clarity AI provides tools for real-time deepfake detection in a variety of media. The company provides three pre-built solutions, alongside a customised ‘build-your-own’ option.

The startup’s patent-pending technology is available as a subscription service with prices based on the amount of data and media files being reviewed. For day-to-day work processes, such as large conference calls, Clarity administers ongoing verification of participants, easily integrating with popular software tools including Google Meet, Zoom, Microsfot Teams, and Webex. The data gathered during these sessions provides insight for managers into where the company could be vulnerable to deepfakes, providing opportunities for strengthening organisational digital security.

For journalists, Clarity Studio is available as a free resource that analyses images, audio, and video from URLs or uploaded files. The tool also works as part of identity verification systems, making it possible for security teams to identify deepfakes in near-real time.

Following a $16 million seed funding round led by Walden Catalyst and Bessemer Venture Partners, Clarity AI plans to deepen its research and development capabilities while expanding its market reach.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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