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A child-safe online platform powered by AI

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The parent-designed app helps to make the internet safe, fun, and educational for kids

Spotted: Time spent on screens has increased dramatically in recent years, with everything from education to leisure becoming more digital. This increase in screen time comes with increased exposure to online threats and, according to one survey, 84 per cent of parents are worried about their children’s online safety, including concerns over internet addiction.

In the United States, as a means of avoiding the addictive design and consumer-centric approach to most children’s sites, several parents co-founded an AI-based platform called Angel AI. The app provides children with a safe, fun, and educational introduction to the internet through a personalised AI. 

Voice-activated questions and answers enable children to explore all their interests without parents worrying that they will mistakenly stumble upon inappropriate content. The AI provides age-customised content for children between 5 and 12, and the company emphasises that the app doesn’t use ads or algorithms. Caregivers have access to an insight portal to oversee how their children are using the app. By learning more about what their children are interested in, caregivers can plan offline activities to nurture and broaden those enthusiasms.

The app is currently being tested by more than 100 parents, and Angel AI encourages interested caregivers to sign up to the waitlist for access to new content and capabilities as they become available. Having recently closed an oversubscribed round of seed funding that raised $4.75 million, Angel AI plans to focus on product development, marketing, and additional hires to expand its team. Invitations to those on the waitlist are expected to be sent out throughout the summer.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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