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Cracking the recruitment code

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A startup finds potential hires for technical roles by analysing a programmer’s code with machine learning

Spotted: According to the International Data Corporation, the global shortage of full-time web developers will reach four million by 2025. To fix this skills gap over the long term, more investment is needed in relevant education so that budding developers can develop the necessary skills. But until this is widely implemented, employers need to find more efficient ways of sourcing the right kind of talent for their organisation.   

Hoping to make this search for talent more productive is, which has developed artificial intelligence (AI) that analyses a candidate’s skills based on code they have uploaded to GitHub – an open-source software repository.  

From their coding, creates comprehensive profiles of candidates that include written descriptions and skills scores. Organisations can then filter profiles based on 50,000 skills and programming languages, as well as practical criteria like location, education, and job title – which it learns from publicly available information on connected LinkedIn accounts.  

Once the appropriate filters have been applied and recruiters have a refined list of top contenders, Prog.aI has an integrated outreach tool that allows organisations to send and track personalised emails to candidates automatically. 

The software enables a targeted approach to recruitment, allowing companies to matchmake vacant positions with the best-suited individual. And because recruiters can choose employees based on very specific technical proficiencies, they are able to fill skill gaps within their teams. 

So far, has built a database of 60 million software engineers around the world, and this, the company claims, means that it often finds four times more profiles than its competitors.

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Written By: Matthew Hempstead


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