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Eco-friendly earbuds designed to be repaired

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Could the design help to reduce the EU's growing e-waste problem?

Spotted: When it comes to expensive devices like laptops and mobile phones, rather than binning them immediately, consumers often make an effort to repair malfunctions. The same often cannot be said for smaller electronics, and a lot of these so-called “FastTech” items are readily thrown away when they break, even though they contain valuable resources. 

To lower the number of small electronics that go to waste, Dutch company Fairphone, a leader in repairable electronics, has recently launched Fairbuds – modular and repairable wireless earphones that are designed to last.

Made using 100 per cent recycled rare earth elements and 70 per cent recycled materials overall, Fairbuds contain seven replaceable parts that can be easily exchanged as needed. If the battery life depreciates, users can quickly order replacement batteries for the case or earbuds, and buy a new earphone if one gets lost.

Fairbuds are noise-cancelling and waterproof, and users can tweak their audio settings via the app, as well as install the latest firmware updates. For every pair of Fairbuds purchased, the company also ensures that its equivalent weight in electronic waste gets recycled responsibly. 

Fairbuds are available for purchase on Fairphone’s website, as well as through selected European retailers.

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Written By: Lauryn Berry and Matilda Cox



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