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Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s founder | Photo source

A 72-hour product launch, live-streamed during COVID-19 lockdown

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Chinese mobile phone company Xiaomi partnered with Bilibili for the event during the height of the coronavirus pandemic

Spotted: Chinese mobile phone maker Xiaomi collaborated with the video platform Bilibili for a 72-hour, live-streamed launch event for its Mi 10 5G phone.

The event, which began on the 13th of February, featured a two-hour press conference with an emotional Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s founder, who unveiled the new phone, videos, product giveaways and a virtual art exhibit. There was also COVID-19-related content like vlogs from Wuhan residents and some educational programming.

The streaming event, dubbed “Life is Not Made for Defeat,” pulled in around 12 million viewers and 2.6 million comments on Bilibili’s trademark “bullet chat” format, which streams user comments across the screen in real-time. 

Springwise continues to spot creative examples of live-streaming during various stages of the global coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. During Paris Fashion Week, Lanvin collaborated with video platforms Douyin, Yizhibo, iQiyi, and luxury e-tailer Secoo to create a cloud fashion show and the restaurant chain Chipotle hosted daily “Chipotle Together” sessions on the video conferencing site Zoom to connect with younger consumers.

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