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Noël Bauza thinks the problem isn't a lack of will, but of information | Photo source Photo Boards on Unsplash

Platform accelerates path to sustainability for businesses and consumers

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ZEI has developed a tool that allows companies to obtain a score measuring their environmental impact

Spotted: The ZEI platform is a platform to accelerate the development of responsible citizens and committed companies.   

According to Noël Bauza, who created the platform, the problem is not a lack of will, but of information. Thus, for those who want to reduce their ecological footprint but don’t know how to, ZEI hopes to convey no more excuses. 

Through ZEI, consumers become fully aware of the environmental impact of their lifestyle and purchases. The platform also offers eco-responsible alternatives in many areas, including food, lifestyle and well-being, fashion, energy, transport and housing. There are also articles on the blog discussing eco-responsible actions in various areas of daily life.

For companies, the platform has developed a tool that allows them to obtain a score measuring their environmental impact. The score takes into account environmental, social and governmental criteria. 

Once the diagnosis is completed, ZEI offers each company a catalogue with over 800 innovations and alternatives (green electricity suppliers, waste recycling providers, companies specialising in well-being at work, etc.). Finally, action plans are proposed and are regularly monitored. 

Written By: Katrina Lane

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