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The RV2035 contains everything you need to get away from it all for days, weeks or even months at a time. | Photo source Jason Carley

A towable trailer in tune with nature

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A new towable trailer has been designed to have a minimal environmental impact and to allow users to more easily experience nature

Spotted: Van life is the hottest trend for those seeking a simpler, nomadic lifestyle. But converting a van into a mobile living space is not the only way to go. Industrial designer Jason Carley has designed a towable trailer called the RV2035, which folds out to provide living space while remaining in tune with nature.

The lightweight trailer is designed to be compact and aerodynamic, making it easier to tow behind EVs. Once at its destination, the 2035 opens out to provide 120 square feet of usable space, with a raised roof giving a spacious seven feet of headroom. The winged, cantilevered sides remain a few inches off the ground, to preserve any natural habitat underneath. There is also a kitchenette that comes with an insulated cooler drawer, ice-maker, and induction cooktop. 

Power for the trailer is provided by solar panels that track the movement of the sun to provide maximum energy, and there are rain harvesting channels for collecting greywater. The trailer provides sleeping space for four and even includes a compact bathroom, with a toilet and shower.  

The name of the van – 2035 – is a reference to a time Carley imagines when people will “seek a more resilient and empowering lifestyle, unshackled from skyrocketing costs of living and aging infrastructures that rely on obsolete, ecologically-disruptive fuels and technologies. A mobile lifestyle will become more desirable and commonplace … These “Nomads” will require mastery of their resources and more efficient modes of travel, moving in and out of communities as their needs and values change.” 

People are turning increasingly to compact and more eco-friendly forms of living – and vacationing. At Springwise, we have developed some serious van-envy for a sustainable van conversion built on the Mercedez Benz Sprinter platform and a compact module that turns cars and vans into mini-motorhomes

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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