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An online platform aims to transform climate education


The courses make gaining green skills far more accessible for people across the globe

Spotted: Sue Duke, LinkedIn’s VP of Global Public Policy, calls the world’s workforce “one of our most powerful mechanisms for change. Roles in every industry will need green skills, just like most roles now require digital skills.” The looming green skills gap, however, reveals a challenging landscape ahead for employers.

Connecting individuals with relevant training is key to narrowing that gap, and it’s an area that global climate education company is focusing on with its platform. The company wants to upskill 100 million people within this decade, claiming that “99 per cent of people who will be working in climate by 2030 haven’t begun yet.”

That provides a lot of opportunity, and’s platform offers live courses based on real climate problems to build an informed and educated global community and workforce. From a 12-week climate boot camp to industry-specific deep-dives, short courses, and corporate climate programmes, provides learning resources for people at any stage of their climate education journey.

Many classes are free and available online, with some streaming live. All of the resources contain practical, tangible methods for making a difference to the planet. Scholarships are available for the longer courses, and learners can choose from a range of styles of teaching and learning.

Skills taught in the courses include using AI for geospatial analysis, digital emissions accounting, decarbonising product life cycles, energy modelling, and much more. Learners can search for courses by topic, and with more than 5,000 hours of content available, the platform should have something for everyone.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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