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Schoolytics makes it easy for students, teachers, and administrators to crunch the numbers behind students' learning | Photo source Schoolytics

A platform keeps teachers and parents in sync


The platform is designed as an 'all-in-one information hub' for students, parents, teachers, and administrators

Spotted: A US-based tech startup is hoping to make it easier for parents, teachers, school administrators, and students themselves to work together to help students stay on track. The company, Schoolytics, has developed a platform that tracks individual metrics, including grades, due dates for upcoming assignments, and missed work, keeping everyone informed.

Schoolytics is currently being used in more than 500 schools. The platform includes separate dashboards for students, parents, teachers, and school administrators. While parent and student dashboards track assignments and grades, the teacher dashboard shows metrics such as class-wide assignment completion rates and automatically generates honour roll lists and progress reports. The administrator dashboard allows school leaders to view metrics by school and year, while also generating reports for individual classes.

Schoolytics actually takes most of its data from Google Classroom, a learning management system that became very popular during the pandemic, when schools and classrooms were forced to go move online almost overnight. However, while Google Classroom makes it easier for teachers to collect data, it does not offer analytics features, which is where Schoolytics comes in. The startup provides a front end that makes it easy for teachers to track specific types of data.

The pandemic and the move to increased online learning has given a new impetus to platforms and other innovations aimed at making education healthier and more focused on learning. Springwise has recently covered a green school building built entirely of bamboo and 3D-printed schools that can expand access to education. 

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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