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The dividers can be custom printed with logos and other designs | Photo source Where The Trade Buys

Bespoke anti-COVID classroom dividers


A print specialist is introducing design-your-own dividers to keep offices and classrooms COVID-safe

Spotted: A British printing company, Where The Trade Buys, has come up with a way to inject some individuality into creating COVID-safe classrooms and offices. The company has developed a design-your-own divider that screens off individual work areas.

Louise Stephenson, who runs Where The Trade Buys, came up with the idea when her 11-year-old son went back to school. To ensure he was able to practise social distancing in the classroom, she designed a printed, low-cost desk divider. The three-sided divider is available in a range of colours and patterns and features Perspex windows to allow users to see out of every side.

The company has also made a bespoke version available so that schools can personalise the dividers with a logo, designs or school colours. The dividers are made from sturdy and lightweight Correx, which can be easily wiped down. After use, they fold up and can be packed away. 

According to Stephenson, part of the thinking behind the dividers was to make them both practical and fun for the children. She says: “There are parents around the country who will have the same concerns about the fact their children may be returning to school in the near future. So I worked with our team on the idea and we have come up with a range of stylish design templates which people can choose from, or we can work with a school to create the dividers to their specifications.”

For obvious reasons, we have been seeing a lot of very creative ideas for PPE designs. Some innovative ideas for personal protection include a face shield that can be made out of almost anything and a stylish cone of safety for eating out.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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