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The face shield is meant to sit atop a hat or visor | Photo source Metaform

Protective face shield for children is customisable and reusable


The 3D-printed, open source shield is designed to help young children avoid touching their faces in classrooms

Spotted: With worldwide anxiety at an incredible high, Luxembourg-based Metaform architects created a protective face shield for children that introduces a bit of light-hearted fun in the design. Meant to sit atop a hat or visor, the base of the shield is 3D-printed, and the entire design is open source for maximal use and sharing. The main components of the shield are the base and an upper and lower PVC shield. The studio included in the design a template for paper accoutrements that include bug eyes and a crown.

Wearers sew the base to the hat for easy on and off. The shields snap apart for swift cleaning, and the designers recommend recycling the paper inserts every day. The team emphasises the non-medical nature of the shield and states that it is to be used as an additional form of protection against infection. The goal of the shield is to make it easier for young children to avoid touching their faces, amongst the many other new safety measures being introduced in schools and other public places.

As adults everywhere adjust to the changes wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, so too are children. Springwise has spotted a number of innovations, including free outdoor classes and a book subscription service, that is focused on helping keep children on their educational paths, despite numerous new challenges.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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