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Could these tools improve learning for African students?


One company is bringing essential STEM education to young children in underserved communities

Spotted: In Sub-Saharan Africa, almost 9 out of 10 children are unable to read and understand simple text by age 10. And, today, the cause of this learning gap is no longer enrolment, which has improved massively since the 1970s. Instead, the issue is the quality of education, with millions of children attending class but not learning effectively. This is often due to poor support for teachers and a lack of effective learning materials.

Edtech startup KAINO tackles this problem with a complete Early Childhood Development (ECD) mobile solution that leverages lesson guides, children’s workbooks, storybooks, and formative assessments that are aligned with a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) blended curriculum. These materials, which are targeted at early childhood education centres and parents, help children to learn how to read and write efficiently and can be delivered through mobile and web apps.

The company’s curriculum encompasses six distinct learning areas which are crafted to foster holistic development in children. A key feature of the organisation’s approach is that it eschews traditional educational paradigms to make learning not only effective but also enjoyable for every child. This includes a focus on encouraging children’s curiosity through hands-on learning that introduces them to technology in the context of their daily lives.

KAINO’s next steps include developing its content and technology integration, as well as completing pilot programmes, cultivating meaningful partnerships, and raising awareness of the company’s offering. 

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Written By: Anam Alam and Matthew Hempstead




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