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Minecraft's rich virtual roads have proved fertile for environmental education | Photo source Pixabay

Minecraft climate change world teaches gamers about energy and water


Bringing real-world lessons to digital gaming makes content more accessible

Spotted: Finding a way to cut through the static and make climate change action relevant, understandable, and actionable is essential for advocates seeking to build momentum for their work. Digital education company Skewb Climate and Minecraft have partnered to create a new climate change-focused gaming world.

The educational modules are built as adventures, with players solving challenges and tracking the real-time environmental results of their decisions. As part of the lesson packs, the company provides training for teachers wanting to use the modules as part of their curriculum as well as laptops for communities that may not have regular access to such devices.

The carbon monoxide part of the game includes a laboratory visit, teaching gamers about the gas itself and the damage it causes, as well as how to fix potentially dangerous situations. The Antarctic expedition allows students to analyse ice to see how industrial activity changes the health of the environment and asks players to get creative in generating new, green energy alternatives.  

Already working with utility companies, Skewb Climate plans to expand its content by collaborating with construction businesses and other industries and organisations.  

Springwise has featured Minecraft a few times previously, with the game providing space for employee interactions as well as teaching players how to build real electronics.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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