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A marketplace connects fashion brands to deadstock material

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The easy-to-use circular platform connects buyers and sellers of fabric

Spotted: ‘Deadstock’ is a term that refers to the surplus fabric that is generated by fashion houses and normally destined for landfill or the incinerator. Responsible for 10 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, the fashion industry is increasingly looking for ways to reduce its environmental footprint. And saving deadstock by re-using it in new garments is one solution companies are exploring.  

Now, Spanish startup Recovo is making this easier through a platform that matches buyers of deadstock fabric with those who have it to sell. The company has created a curated catalogue of unused natural and synthetic fabrics, yarns, and other production materials. Buyers can browse this catalogue and request samples at the touch of a button. Once they have alighted on their chosen material, their order is delivered in five to seven days. Recovo has also partnered with sustainability software platform Dcycle to provide buyers with further information on the traceability, water use, chemical pollution, and CO2 emissions associated with their purchase.  

On the other side of the deal, Recovo does the heavy lifting for its sellers. The startup takes professional photographs of the materials, creates product descriptions, and even organises the sample service. To list on the platform, sellers must complete a form outlining basic details of the product and send Recovo a sample. When an order is received, the seller can arrange for delivery through Recovo’s delivery partner UPS, or their own courier service. The smart matching technology underpinning the platform means that textiles are sold as soon as possible.  

Late last year, Recovo was unveiled as the first project to receive investment from a startup accelerator launched by Spanish clothing brand Mango. The company is using the €300,000 funding for international expansion and further technological development.

Springwise has spotted many other innovations in the archive looking to make fashion more sustainable, including wool made from recycled textiles and smart threads that make it easier to recycle disused clothes.

Written By: Matthew Hempstead




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