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Wild Cosmetics' offers a subscription service for deodorant refills | Photo source Wild

Vegan deodorant brand now available in UK supermarkets and pharmacies

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Compostable refills and a subscription package make it easy to replace plastic deodorants with responsible alternatives

Spotted: Early in 2022, zero-plastic deodorant refill brand Wild Cosmetics successfully raised more than €5 million to expand into Germany, The Netherlands and other European countries. Already a success in the UK, the company’s flexible subscription service allows users to personalise and mix-and-match their deodorant refills. Every ingredient in the all-natural, vegan products is listed on the brand’s website.

The scents often smell good enough to eat, and the company frequently puts out limited edition options. Consumers can buy an introductory package containing a case and three refills, and can choose to personalise the case as well as choose from a range of colours. The case is lightweight aluminum, with a small number of internal, recycled plastic parts. The refills fit snugly inside the case, and, when empty, the bamboo refill pot can be composted at home or recycled with other papers.

The deodorants do not contain any aluminum salts, which most anti-perspirants use to block the body’s natural release of water. A guide to transitioning from a traditional anti-perspirant to a vegan deodorant comes as part of the starter pack. The brand is now stocked in Sainsburys, Boots, Selfridges, and Waitrose, as well as being available online.

With cosmetics and other healthcare products sitting directly on the skin, the healthfulness of their ingredients is essential. Yet for decades, convenience won out as consumers used aerosols, roll-ons, and make-up consisting of lists of incomprehensible ingredients. Thankfully, Springwise is spotting a number of innovations seeking ways to make personal care more healthy – for consumers and the environment. Biodegradable glitter is a huge step forward in keeping the fun of makeup without the damaging ingredients. And an innovative new skincare line turns ugly fruits and vegetables into all-natural products.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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