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AI recommends the right size for customers to reduce clothes returns

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The platform matches 3D models of customers to the most suitably sized product

Spotted: Research has found that in 2022, clothing returns reached record highs in Europe, with 54 per cent of dresses purchased being sent back. The cause of many of these returns was incorrect fit or sizing.

So much shipping back and forth generates extra carbon emissions, something that German startup Saiz is working to reduce through its intelligent fit platform designed to reduce the rate of online retail returns. Saiz uses artificial intelligence (AI) to build a 3D twin of every shopper and then match product measurements to the person.  

The Saiz team integrates the platform with a retailer’s online presence, and, as well as helping customers find the best fit, it provides detailed analytics to businesses to further improve the shopping experience. Saiz is a customised SaaS platform that provides fit recommendations for every single product, not just a rough estimate based on other brands’ sizing.  

Reducing returns makes it easier to build customer loyalty. And as the AI gathers knowledge of what sizes and designs work best for various types of customers, businesses can improve fit consistency across entire lines, reducing costs and environmental damage.  

The company recently secured pre-seed investment from Spread Ventures and will use the funding to expand its team and refine the platform.   

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Written By: Keely Khoury



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