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The brand is non-seasonal and reimagines menswear classics to create timeless basics for women | Photo source Emma Panchot

Deadstock used to create sustainable luxury fashion

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A stylish French fashion brand is using only deadstock fabrics sourced from local luxury fashion houses

Spotted: As awareness grows of the amount of waste used in the fashion industry, many designers are moving towards more sustainable design and manufacturing processes. One of those on the forefront of this movement is Alice Fresnel, of Parisian label Alfie. Launched a little over a year ago, Alfie uses only deadstock fabrics, all sourced locally.

Deadstock fabrics are essentially leftovers – fabrics that were ordered and not used, ends of rolls and discontinued designs. Fashion houses usually throw these away, but Alfie uses them to craft new pieces. Moreover, many of Alfie’s fabrics come from French luxury fashion houses and are of very high quality.

The brand is non-seasonal and reimagines menswear classics to create timeless basics for women. Upcycling high quality cast-offs from luxury houses means Alfie clothes are designed to last, but also that they are all limited edition. This is echoed in the designs, which aim to be at once understated and elegant, relaxed and effortless, with endless styling opportunities.

Fresnel explains her brand’s designs as “pieces you invest in and collect for years to come … 100 percent of Alfie products are made from leftovers fabrics sourced from suppliers in Paris … Being so close to our studios allows us to limit our carbon footprint to almost zero during our production process. We are aware that it is impossible to be completely sustainable because we create new products, but we challenge ourselves daily to be the next best alternative and encourage others to do the same.”

At Springwise, we have seen a number of innovations aimed at improving the sustainability of the fashion industry. Many of these come from the fashion industry itself, as young designers like Fresnel incorporate sustainability into their work.  Recent ideas include a hemp-based fur that feels like the real deal, and activewear made from recycled ocean plastic.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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