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DevoHome has created a fake fur that mimics the layered structure of real animal fur while avoiding the problems associated with both animal and synthetic fur | Photo source Devo Home

A hemp-based fur that mimics the real thing

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A plant-based fake fur is able to mimic the feel and warming properties of real fur, without the harm to animals

Spotted: Ukrainian textile company DevoHome specialises in fabrics made from hemp fibres. Now, the company has unveiled a faux fur made from hemp that mimics the same warming properties of animal fur. The environmentally-friendly material made its public debut at last year’s Ukrainian Fashion Week, where it was a hit with both designers and those concerned about the use of animal products.

The fake fur is woven from hemp fibres and viscose, a semi-synthetic material made from wood pulp on a knitted base of natural cotton. The result mimics the double coat of many animals, who have a layer of fine shorter fur close to the skin, protected by a second layer of longer coarser hair. This structure forms an almost airtight layer close to the skin, while in hotter weather, the longer fur prevents heat from reaching the skin. This is what makes natural fur so comfortable to wear.

Unlike most synthetic furs, which are made from petroleum products, DevoHome’s faux fur is made entirely from plant materials. The hemp used in the fur is grown free from pesticides or herbicides and is naturally hypoallergenic and 100 per cent organic. It is also completely biodegradable and has natural antimicrobial properties. In addition to its thermal qualities, the hemp is breathable so does not allow moisture to build up, making it more comfortable than most synthetic fabrics.

Up to now, DevoHome has focused on creating hemp bedding textiles. Founder and CEO Oksana Devoe was inspired to create the fake fur product by the realisation that many people were searching for an alternative to fake fur that would be just as comfortable to wear. “The whole world is protesting against animal fur and then started protesting against synthetic fur, which is made of chemical and petroleum products. So, by creating plant-based fur, we solve all these issues with animal and synthetic fur,” she says.

Hemp is turning into something of a wonder-fibre, at least if the number of innovations we have using hemp is anything to go by. We have recently covered a number of products that use hemp in novel ways. These include the use of hemp as a flooring material, a concrete substitute and as a component in sustainable insulation.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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