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BLUEVIEW claims its sneakers are the world's first biodegradable shoe | Photo source BLUEVIEW

Plant-based biodegradable sneakers are plastic free

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Hemp and eucalyptus yarn form the upper and plant-based oils the sole

Spotted: Sneaker lovers can feel good about buying a pair of BLUEVIEWS – the world’s first fully biodegradable shoe. Made with bio-synthetic polyurethane foam, the entire shoe is biodegradable and can disappear without a trace. Even the glue is biodegradable. And with two new materials Soleic and Plant Knit – sneakers are, for the first time, truly environmentally friendly.  

Made from plant-based oils, Soleic is a direct replacement for the traditional petroleum-based rubber and foam of shoe insoles and outsoles. Plant Knit is a biodegradable textile made from hemp and eucalyptus yarn that is the world’s first plant-based, machine-knitted shoe upper. 

The shoe upper is a single piece, and each shoe comes with a removeable strap that provides two different looks. The sneakers are available in a range of colours, and the company recently partnered with a local aquarium to raise funds from every pair of its Pacific shoes sold. Peer-reviewed scientific articles and independent verification, publicly available on the company’s website, confirm the biodegradability of the shoes.  

Ethical fashion has become mainstream, with sneaker brands finding incredible new materials with which to work. One waterproof shoe is made from used coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles, and another brand is vegan and fully traceable.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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