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The process begins when For Days sends a “clean out crap” bag to fill up with your old garments | Photo source For Days

Startup pays customers to recycle clothes they no longer wear

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For Days has created a closed-loop system by giving its customers shop credit for sending in brand clothes to be resold or recycled

Spotted: Second-hand websites are becoming more popular, making it easy to sell any lightly worn clothes you don’t want to wear anymore. However, when clothes cannot be resold due to their condition, they mostly end up in a landfill. Startup For Days has found a solution to this with their Closet and Credit initiative, which gives users store credit in return for their old brand clothes, which will then either be resold or recycled.

The process begins when For Days sends a “clean out crap” bag to fill up with your old garments. Once full, this can be sent to the company in return for €8 in shop credit. More can be earned if the clothes were originally from For Days.

The Closet and Credit system ultimately aims to create a closed-loop system that can set an example in the fashion industry. For Days also makes all of its clothes from organic cotton and uses its own technology to recycle the garments into new ones. For the mixed fibres used by other brands that can’t go through the For Days system, the company has partnered with industrial recyclers that chop up the items and use them for other purposes, such as insulation or furniture stuffing.

For Days covers the cost of shipping on the recycled garments and hopes that cumulatively, the perks gained from the initiative will be enough to attract new customers to their site. Currently, they are not accepting any intimates or accessories, as they are more difficult to recycle.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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