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Millions of people around the world are missing their manicure fix, due to the cCOVID-19 lockdown | Photo source Kris Atomic on Unsplash

Makeup artist creates DIY manicure kit for salon-quality nails at home

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An influencer has created a product to alleviate her followers’ manicure-withdrawal during lockdown

Spotted: Inspired by the millions of manicure enthusiasts forced to hunker down during the coronavirus pandemic, Maggie Fu, a Shanghai-based make-up artist and beauty influencer, has created a stick-on, DIY manicure kit. Customers will require no previous skills to apply them.

The coronavirus lockdown has meant that tens of millions of manicure enthusiasts have been unable to visit nail salons. Over the past couple of months, the internet has seen a train of influencers and their followers sharing photos of their overgrown cuticles and chipped nail paint. This inspired Fu to create a nail product that people could easily apply themselves.

For the kit, Fu is sourcing the best materials from Japan. She is also designing the colours and nail art herself to create a unique and exceptional product that reflects her own aesthetic.

“If there is something really bad happening, I think we actually need to be positive and start thinking about how we can handle the situation,” Fu said

Whilst the product is still in the development stage, initial feedback from her followers is promising. 

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