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The Dik Dik Plus is the updated version that now fulfils coronavirus-required safety measures | Photo source MATEK

Brand transforms ski accessory into stylish and sustainable face mask

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With the addition of carbon filters and a securing tie, the stylish neck warmer also acts as a protective safety covering

Spotted: The patent-pending design by sustainable clothing company Matek turns a street ski accessory piece into a fashion-forward protective face covering. Dik-Diks, the original accessory, are turtleneck bibs made from deadstock fleece. Dik-Diks keep the consumers free from the usual drafts and drama of wearing piles of cold-weather items. The Dik-Dik Plus is the updated version that now fulfils coronavirus-required safety measures.

“With the onset of COVID-19, users started posting selfies on social media using the Dik-Dik as a face covering when social distancing was not practical,” Abigail Stern, Matek’s owner and designer, told Springwise. “The brand was inspired and created a ‘Plus’ version of the Dik-Dik with replaceable filters, adjustable bridge and a securing tie. It’s manufactured from deadstock fleece so it’s sustainable as well.” 

Wearers pull the Dik Dik Plus up over their nose and mouth and can easily adjust the closure to keep the face-covering in place. The company’s base layers are designed to work all year round in the full variety of seasonal temperatures and conditions. The Plus version is currently available in one size, with additional sizes in development.

Many fashion houses were experimenting with new sales techniques even before the coronavirus pandemic, finding new avenues for engagement and collaboration in a new virtual world, such as dressing avatars in virtual clothes and hosting a luxury shoe design competition. Matek’s decision to go one step further and actually include safety features in their designs is a sure way to ascertain future sales.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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